10 simple and practical tips to learn korean fast and smart

10 Simple and Practical Tips to Learn Korean Fast and Smart

Learning the Korean language is both challenging and interesting. It opens up another world and exciting adventures for those who are willing to pursue it until they reach the fluency stage. Being a language teacher, I have always been fascinated with foreign languages. I also think that you are here on this page because you are also like me who is totally head over heels in love in the Korean language.


There are different reasons why people get so consumed learning the Korean language. Korean stars and their dramas have been airing on social media recently. In fact, I can consider that the majority of the people around me are totally hooked on Korean dramas and fashion.


Below are ten simple and practical tips that I suggest to my fellow readers who are also learning the Korean language. As everyone is unique, one suggestion may isn’t fit to everyone. After reading this, I hope that you can find one best suited for you.


  1. Learn the Korean alphabet

In order to learn the Korean alphabet effectively, Hangeul should not be taken for granted. Starting learning Korean using Romanization will just make the learning of the language difficult. Instead of jumping on Romanization, devote some time to practice writing their alphabet and to listen to the way it is pronounced by native speakers.


  1. Expand Korean vocabulary

Once you get used to the way each part of the Korean alphabet is pronounced, start learning Korean vocabulary.  You may start with nouns, verbs, or adjectives. Learn slowly and surely. Memorizing the Korean words takes time but do not be discouraged. Repetition is the key to learn all those Korean words by heart.


  1. Make some flashcards

This will not only help you to practice your writing skills but also your reading and pronunciation skills. Write the Korean word on the front and on the back indicate its meaning. You may also post those flashcards on part of your home where you can easily see them.


  1. Watch Korean shows or dramas

Exposing yourself to the way Koreans speak their language is a great advantage. Moreover, while watching, try to imitate what they are saying so you can get used to it.



  1. Have a lecture notebook on Korean

This is just like attending classes. A notebook and a pen are essential things we must have to jot down key terms or ideas. It is important to keep all those Korean words, expressions, and grammar in just one Korean notebook.


  1. Read Korean books for beginners

No need to worry about how can you have Korean books on hand. There are many free downloadable books that we can utilize and help us to be more systematic in studying the language.


  1. Talk to Korean native speakers

Even though we are not in Korea, we can still be engaged in a communication with Korean native speakers. There are many websites where we can go and look for a language partner in Korean. Koreans are very much interested to learn English and if you have a good command of English, then it will be perfect for both of you.


  1. Watch Korean Tutorials Online

There are a vast number of Korean tutorials on youtube that learners can utilize to improve Korean fluency. You may save those videos so you can watch them for many times even when there is no internet connection.


  1. Download Korean Apps

Aside from books and videos, Korean apps are another way to expose oneself to the Korean language. The first Korean app that I downloaded from Google Playstore was Write It Korean where I learned how to write their alphabet. Other applications that I like playing for my  Korean language practice are Korean Vocabulary, Korean Flashcards, Korean Game, Learn Korean, Duolingo, Eggbun, and Memrise.


  1. Join  communities or groupchats devoted to learning Korean

Studying with one or more people who have the same intention as you when it comes to learning Korean language is a great advantage. It makes the learning easier and more enjoyable.  Social media platforms like Facebook,


11. Keep a diary in Korean

Keeping a diary in which the language that you will be using is Korean is a difficult task.  For sure, there will be mistakes but just come to think of it. It is in our mistakes that we learn. Remember that they key here is practice and as a general truth, practice really makes perfect.  Writing your diary using a pen and paper is better than doing it in front of the computer.

Keeping yourself motivated all the time whilst studying Korean seems to be idealistic but not impossible. Feeling lazy is natural when it comes to language learning, more especially when you feel that your progress is too slow. Taking a rest and recharging yourself to be motivated again is a good step to go back to your Korean studies.

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A simple Filipina who was born with a natural love for books and languages.

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  2. Myrah Duque says:

    I’m bilingual, but learning even more languages was always what I wanted to do. This seems to be a great way to do just that.

  3. Anna says:

    I´d love to learn Korean, really like their dramas and TV shows! Would be great to watch them on the original language!

  4. littlemisadvencha says:

    This is very helpful especially to my friends who are Korean fanatics. 🙂 Will share this to them…

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    Thanks for the sharing and we should get together because I speak Korean myself ~ 🙂 Knycx journeying

  6. Stephen says:

    Spent the entire day watching Kim’s Connivence and found all the Korean so interesting and actually thought about learning it

  7. Dominique Walton Brooks says:

    I want to become fluent in a second language. I took a lot of Spanish as a young person but still not fluent. I didn’t follow these steps! I will now! Thanks!

  8. katrina Kroeplin says:

    i love learning new languages. i only remember counting to 10 in korean and that’s from helping my daughter with tae kwon do. i am fluent in spanish.

  9. the joyous living says:

    i remember trying to learn korean as a child. sadly it didn’t take but i think it was more just because i couldn’t grasp languages well. now that there are so many apps and movies available i’m sure it’d be easier.

  10. Gervin Khan says:

    I love your tips on learning new language, yes, I loved to learn a Korean language because I have some friends who speak Korean and I want to understand them as well as to communicate with them using their language. Thank you for these tips.

  11. Emman Damian says:

    I watch a lot of Korean drama and put English subtitles below. Also, I read flashcards and use Duo Lingo.

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    I’ve always wanted to learn a different language. This sounds like an easier way to do that. Thanks a lot.

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