5 indisputable reasons bloggers fail

5 Indisputable Reasons Bloggers Fail

Do you still remember the time you decided that you want to be a blogger? You were too eager  to set up your own blog. I bet, you were too excited that you couldn’t wait to see it visible to the online viewers with its alluring theme design and interesting blog posts. Starting a blog was so addicting that it was all your mind could think of.  However, just like any other relationships, blogging has its own vicissitudes. While some bloggers become successful others, fail to the extent of completely neglecting the blog. There are too many indisputable reasons bloggers fail and today, I will discuss the most common reasons among them all.


  1. Inconsistency in Blog Posting.

We all have been through it once, twice, thrice, or perhaps many times in our lives. Things like that of our full time job, our studies, family duties, relationships, health, and other things could be possible reasons why we could not write or do anything with our blog.
Thinking about all our daily responsibilities could be overwhelming and could result for us to write a blog post whenever we just wanted to write. No definite schedules. Such blog posting irregularities could affect our subscribers and readers and might result for them to lose their interest to follow our blog.


  1. Hastily Accepting a Guest Post

Guest posting is a practical way to drive traffic to our sites more especially if it contributes value to our blog. A quality guest post will attract more readers to visit our site and improve its popularity. On the other hand, it could also give the opposite effect. Accepting guest posts without proper checking of its contents, images, and links will harm our blog and could result for it being penalized by Google. Remember, the beauty of the blog does not depend on the number of published post, but on the quality of each.


  1. Not Promoting a Blog Post

Many bloggers started a blog with a common denomination, which was for their voice to be heard. Some started a blog to serve as their online portfolio and others do blog as their training ground to be a more skilled writer. For those aims to hit realities, bloggers should provide means for their blogs to be shared online for public reading. Keeping the blog within one’s own will simply defeat the purpose of blogging and the improvement of the blogger.


  1. Having too many ads

It is not bad to dream of earning a small amount of income by doing what you love, which is blogging. One of the most popular ways for a blogger to earn is by letting advertisement programs like Google Adsense, Infolinks, Content Ads, and the like to be present in the blogging platform. However, it is widely known that extremes do not produce good results. Having too many ads in the blog will just make the readers stay away from our site. Readers need quality contents and not a blog full of advertisements here and there.


  1. Using an unresponsive blog theme

One of the struggles a blogger encounter is finding the right theme to use. While a certain blog theme could be conducive to a reader, it does not mean that it is already the perfect theme to use. If the blog theme takes time to load and does look different in tablets and mobile phones, then, there is something wrong with it and the blogger should take the necessary action immediately. It might take time to find the theme that suits perfectly on the kind of blog that we have, but it will be all worth it once we recognized and utilized it.

          It is a common thing to make mistakes as we blog most especially for the beginners. Blogging requires patience, commitment, and determination to succeed in any blogging platform. I started few blogs before but none of them succeeded.  The reasons I stated above were from my own experiences at the past, which I avoid to try at the present. Blogging is a kind of skill and discipline that can develop in each one of us through the passing of time.

5 indisputable reasons bloggers fail

 Do you know of other indisputable reasons bloggers fail? Feel free to share your opinions below.

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A simple Filipina who was born with a natural love for books and languages.

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