A Relaxing Day in the Amazing Hidden Gems of Hongkong

A Relaxing Day in the Amazing Hidden Gems of Hongkong

We visited Hongkong on the first week of June. Since my boyfriend and I were both busy, we were not able to make a thorough plan on our trip. Going to Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery were an instant inclusion in our itinerary while I was browsing the internet.

The breathtaking Nan Lian Garden

It was raining since the early morning so Steven and I cancelled our plan to go to Hongkong Disneyland on our first day. A visit to the Nan Lian Garden is more doable since it would just be a sightseeing activity. Visiting Nan Lian Garden was a great head start of our trip. This picturesque attraction was an example of a Tang Dynasty architecture. It may not be as popular as Hongkong Disneyland or Ocean Park but it certainly offer something that will fuel someone’s love for nature.

Relaxing Get Away in the Hidden Gems of Hongkong

It started to drizzle when we arrived in Nan Lian Garden and we had only one umbrella. Surprisingly, Steven let himself got wet while snapping photos of me. I don’t want to sound like a selfish person. What a girlfriend has to do if the boyfriend is extremely stubborn?

Relaxing Get Away in the Hidden Gems of Hongkong

A creative downspout where the water sways in accordance to its style.

When it started to rain harder, Steven and I decided to look for a place where we can stay. As we were about to take a selfie, a serious looking security guard walked toward us making hand gestures. He was saying something I couldn’t comprehend. It was difficult for me to understand the way they spoke English. We just refrained taking photos of ourselves.

There were some tourists who ran toward the place where we were staying. Just like what we did, some took selfies. At that time,  a smiling gardener walked toward us. He showed to us a sign board of a  selfie-stick icon with a big “X” on it.  It was such a pity that selfie-sticks were not allowed. Visitors  were all under surveillance the entire time.

After few minutes of waiting for the rain to stop, we proceeded inside “The Rockery” to see what it offers.  It was quite boring to keep on waiting.

Relaxing Get Away in the Hidden Gems of Hongkong

Relaxing Get Away in the Hidden Gems of Hongkong

According to my friend Owen, this means “To gather elements from the Earth.”

This one according to my friend means “Learn/Study from Nature”

I wish I could read those old Chinese characters. Anyway, I was happy I know some Chinese friends who could help me decode those characters inside “The Rockery.”

The rain finally stopped. It lifted our spirit upon knowing we can roam around the beauty of the Nan Lian garden more comfortably.

The Pavillion

Hongkong's Hidden Gems: Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery

A pristine place perfect for photo shoots



The Mill

A man-made waterfall

A pond with many colourful Koi fish. It was feeding time.


This is a good place to relax and watch the glimmering golden koi fish.

The Pine Tea house

The sceneries were superb. The landscape, the trees, the architectures, the rocks and the water elements–all were carefully thought and designed. Picture-perfect! Truly, East meets West in this garden of paradise. Who will ever have thought that amidst the towering skyscrapers and busy stress of Hongkong, there were these hidden gems ?

The Peaceful Chi Lin Nunnery

Chi Lin Nunnery is just a few steps from the Nan Lian Garden. This is a temple of the Buddhists. Cameras can only be used at the courtyards of the monastery.


This is the entrance to the Chi Lin Nunnery which is called “The Mountain Gate.” The courtyard was lined with bonsai trees.


The Hall of Heavenly Kings

This was so much like those what I have been watching in Korean telenovelas. Brave soldiers will line up to listen to a mighty king.


The front gate



There are lots of spitting dragons in here.

It was such a relaxing day in these two pristine and well-maintained attractions. I  certainly guarantee that these places are worth a visit for those who prefer silence over the city’s cacophony. The good news is that both Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery are open to the public. Another fantastic news is that there is no need to pay for an entrance fee to get inside.

a relaxing day in the amazing hidden gems of hongkong

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Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A full-time teacher and a part-time student. She loves her simple and yet adventurous life. Roads and Pages serves as her outlet to share what she loves to do the most in her life. Those are spending time with people who matter the most, reading books, and traveling one country at a time.

Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A full-time teacher and a part-time student. She loves her simple and yet adventurous life. Roads and Pages serves as her outlet to share what she loves to do the most in her life. Those are spending time with people who matter the most, reading books, and traveling one country at a time.

20 Comments to A Relaxing Day in the Amazing Hidden Gems of Hongkong

  1. I’m not a fan of selfie sticks so I would appreciate a place that banned them! I do wonder WHY they would ban them….for safety of the plants? who knows.
    Either way these two places look like great day getaways in Hong Kong, a very busy city! I will keep these in mind for when I go to HK!

  2. Can you imagine, this is a garden, a destination, a place for tourists, and yes, it’s not the real thing. But all over China, there are many authentic settings like that. Usually, monasteries and houses of the wealthy and powerful. I think it is beautiful BUT definitely high maintenance 🙂

  3. gelyka says:

    Will be in HongKong hopefully next year and I would love to visit the places you’ve been also. Thankyou for sharing these. 🙂

  4. Munchkin Treks says:

    I love this photo essay that covers the Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery. The photo in the garden with skyscrapers in the background does a nice job of capturing the contrast between the city and nature. The other garden photos have beautiful colors.

  5. Brown Gal Trekker says:

    I have breezed through HK without much time to see any off the beaten path. I’m sure there are lovely places unbeknownst to tourists. Lucky you that you managed to check some of them out.

  6. Neha Verma says:

    Looks like you really found some hidden gems..I was surprised to see this side of hong kong

  7. snigdhabhowmick says:

    Your pictures helped a lot knowing HK through your eyes. History,culture are always a fascination for me and more the reason to visit such places. Thanks for sharing.

  8. savourbytina says:

    Ohh my dear! This looks absolutely incredible! I’ve never been there but it’s very high on my wishlist.. What’s your favorite spot?

    Much love, Tina

  9. kallsypage says:

    What a beautiful find in such a big city! My husband and I greatly enjoy visiting temples and shrines as we have since become fascinated by their history and beauty since visiting Japan. A symbol of serenity for sure. Thank you for the recommendation!

  10. Mr Mike says:

    These gardens look beautiful! I am heading to HK in January and will take your advice to find these hidden gems. I especially like the how the skyscrapers frame everything with gorgeous trees below!

  11. Gareth says:

    It will be my very good fortunate to visit Hong Kong next week and this looks like a real find so thanks for the heads up. It really does look like a supremely beautiful garden and it’s always nice to find a patch of serenity among the chaos of a big city. The greenery looks incredibly lush and healthy. A great find and a very enjoyable post

  12. Gokul Raj says:

    This looks like a chilled out place. Somewhere you can just take a walk or read a book minus the rain 🙂

  13. KT Nielsen says:

    It is nice to see the Nan Lian Garden and the Chi Lin Nunnery again through your photos. I have been there several years ago and wow the trees and greenery looks more lush now. The garden is one of my favorite spots in Hong Kong. It is so serene. It’s a breath of fresh air indeed. I wrote about my visit to that place as well in my blog.

  14. Indrani says:

    Love the way these heritage monuments are preserved in between these skyscrapers!
    I got to know a little bit of history too. I had read about dynasties in history books during school days,feels good to relate all that to your pictures.

  15. Wow! This is such an enchanting place. I always love the architecture of temples. They are very charming and seems to be very solemn. The views are amazing. I didnt know about this when we were in Hongkong. Weve been there twice and if only i knew this we should’ve visited!

  16. klaudia says:

    Oh wow , how beautiful does that place look. So peaceful and spiritual. The waterfall is breath taking. Temples , churches and monasteries always have something special, mysterious. Your photos are brilliant , a bit of sunshine would have been good 😉 but anyhow , what an amazing place to visit !

  17. Both the Nan Lian Garden & Chi Lin Nunnery is such a sight. The place looks beautiful and serene. Truly a place worth visiting. Also, I’m loving all the greenery going on.

  18. Looks like a peaceful place. I enjoy visiting monasteries and temples they are always a little slice of tranquility away from the nearby crowds and traffic.

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