April Monthly Goals Report

April Monthly Goals Report

Another meaningful month passed and here we are in the month of May. But before telling my May Goals here are my April Monthly Goals Report.


 Submit all my reports on time.

  Sometimes, no matter how much we set our minds that we would accomplished a certain task at a specific time, still we still couldnt follow it because of unforeseen events. For this month, it was either I submitted my reports late or submitted it in advance.


Finish 2 Courses on Coursera.Org

  I finished one course in Korean this April and the other course is still in progrees.


Enrol 9 units for my summer class

  This was achieved. I already have my Advanced Research Writing which means that I am nearly approaching the Dissertation Writing.. I set my mind that I will finish my graduate degree no matter how tough it might seem.


Write one to two blog post per week

  This was achieved and here were my blog articles for the month of April


              Lawang Sewu and Musing Moments on Doors

              Review of Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

              Learn Korean Greetings and Introducing a Person to Another

              5 Simple Guides for Beginners to Follow in Starting a Blog

              Review of theLast Leaf,” a Short Story by O. Henry


Arrive at a title for my Dissertation

  Until now, I am still confuse of what title to give for my dissertation. This one is still in progress.


Other Notable Events for the Month of April

  These are the things that I did not plan but happened. I am very much thankful for these.


1. My friend helped me in customizing my blog theme. I completely fall in love with my blog theme when my friend showed it to me.


2. I was able to bring my mom in a simple trip.


3. I bought simple gifts for my mom and brave myself to explore Makati, a city which I was not really familiar with,  just to buy the Xanthone Plus Herbal Capsule that she really wanted to have.


4. I already know how to make a simple introduction in Korean. I hope I can make a youtube channel soon of myself speaking in Korean.


My goals for May

 1. Arrive on a proposed title for my dissertation

2. Finish another Korean Course

3. Publish a blog article once a week.

4. Learn another skill that will be beneficial for my professional growth.



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