Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A simple Filipina who was born with a natural love for books and languages.
Type in Korean with your Android Phone of Computer in Easy and Simple Ways

Type in Korean with Your Android Phone or Computer in Easy Ways

Knowing how how to type in Korean is an edge for you to learn more in this language. If you want to learn in a faster way, you should avoid romanization in typing Korean words, phrases, or sentences. Type in Korean with your Android Phone There are many apps available in Google Playstore that will … Read More

Story review of carlos bulosan my father goes to court

Story Review: My Father Goes to Court by Carlos Bulosan

Carlos Bulosan, the author of “My Father Goes to Court” came from a poor Filipino family in Pangasinan. He was later known as a Filipino American author, poet and activist. One of his best works is “America is in the Heart” which is a semi-biographical novel written in 1946.   His other works are “On Becoming Filipino,” “All … Read More

great advantages of learning languages

Great Advantages of Learning Languages

I started my appreciation in learning other languages since I was a kid and having a complete mastery in English has offered multiple benefits from personal to career growth.  It actually does, revolutionize my life by giving me an edge over the others who are hesitant to study languages. As I grow up, being knowledgeable in English makes it possible … Read More


Things You Should Know About the Accountancy, Business, and Management Strand

The Accountancy, Business and Management  is one of the strands under the academic track in the Senior High School.  This is the strand that many students are afraid to take because of mathematics. However, the ABM Strand is not solely about mathematics but rather, it’s more on analyzing.  Any student completer who has a great … Read More

korean book review Korean grammar in use

KOREAN BOOK REVIEW: Korean Grammar In Use

For those learning the Korean language, looking for a textbook as a good reference on the Korean grammar should be one of the steps that should be considered.  A good grammar book is invaluable to any learners of the Korean language. Anyone can learn the vocabulary, words, or phrases but unless a person can put … Read More