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5 indisputable reasons bloggers fail

5 Indisputable Reasons Bloggers Fail

Do you still remember the time you decided that you want to be a blogger? You were too eager  to set up your own blog. I bet, you were too excited that you couldn’t wait to see it visible to the online viewers with its alluring theme design and interesting blog posts. Starting a blog … Read More

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5 Simple Guides for Beginners to Follow in Starting a Blog

So you do love writing and you want your voice to be heard. You have lots of ideas you wanted to share and blogging comes up to your mind as a perfect platform to reach your target. But the problem is the technical issues of blogging. Here I am to share with you, 5 simple … Read More


How To Remove and Customize Footer Credit in WordPress

Removing and customizing the footer credit might be a hassle for new bloggers. Worry no more because in today’s post, I’ll be sharing a step by step guide on how to do it on your WordPress. There are two options to remove and edit your footer. First is by using footer.php and the second one … Read More

5 reasons to fall in love with blogging

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Blogging

Blogging has been one of my commitments since 2016 with the support of friends. Time flies. Before, I only have  few of my friends as my readers in every post, now I am gaining more. I had been engaged in writing a bit of everything that sparks my interest since then. It’s the reason I … Read More