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self introduction 자기 소개

Self Introduction 자기 소개

Self-introduction is a very common thing to do in schools, at work, and in meeting someone for the first time.  Self-introduction in Korean is “자기 소개,” in which “자기” means “self” and “소개” means introduction.   For today, I will be discussing the vocabularies and the grammar  I used in my self-introduction. 이런 단어가 나왔어요: … Read More


Free and Active Learning Groups to Learn Korean

With the popularity of BTS and K-dramas, there is no doubt how the number of people wanting to learn the Korean language are growing at a rapid rate. The Korean entertainment industry has been doing an excellent job capturing the interest of people of different age and races. It is with these Korean songs and … Read More

Type in Korean with your Android Phone of Computer in Easy and Simple Ways

Type in Korean with Your Android Phone or Computer in Easy Ways

Knowing how how to type in Korean is an edge for you to learn more in this language. If you want to learn in a faster way, you should avoid romanization in typing Korean words, phrases, or sentences. Type in Korean with your Android Phone There are many apps available in Google Playstore that will … Read More

great advantages of learning languages

Great Advantages of Learning Languages

I started my appreciation in learning other languages since I was a kid and having a complete mastery in English has offered multiple benefits from personal to career growth.  It actually does, revolutionize my life by giving me an edge over the others who are hesitant to study languages. As I grow up, being knowledgeable in English makes it possible … Read More

korean book review Korean grammar in use

KOREAN BOOK REVIEW: Korean Grammar In Use

For those learning the Korean language, looking for a textbook as a good reference on the Korean grammar should be one of the steps that should be considered.  A good grammar book is invaluable to any learners of the Korean language. Anyone can learn the vocabulary, words, or phrases but unless a person can put … Read More

Korean Book Review: Active Korean 2 by Two Ponds

Korean Book Review: ‘Active Korean 2’ by Two Ponds

Learning Korean is a tough journey but once you obtain good materials, the journey in learning the language becomes light. I received two books from my Korean friend which are the ‘Korean Grammar in Use’ and ‘Beginning and Active Korean 2’. I will discuss the first book on my other blog post. Choosing which book to open and … Read More