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korean book review Korean grammar in use

KOREAN BOOK REVIEW: Korean Grammar In Use

For those learning the Korean language, looking for a textbook as a good reference on the Korean grammar should be …

Korean Book Review: Active Korean 2 by Two Ponds

Korean Book Review: ‘Active Korean 2’ by Two Ponds

Learning Korean is a tough journey but once you obtain good materials, the journey in learning the language becomes light. …

10 simple and practical tips to learn korean fast and smart

10 Simple and Practical Tips to Learn Korean Fast and Smart

Learning the Korean language is both challenging and interesting. It opens up another world and exciting adventures for those who …

Learn Korean Greetings and Introducing a Person to Another

Learn Korean Greetings and Introducing a Person to Another

Here are simple conversations on Korean greetings and Korean expressions when introducing a person to another. I also included the …


Learn Korean Vocabulary About Places


Theater – 극장   //  Let’s go to the theater – 극장에 가요.

Classroom – 교실 //


Sing a Korean Song with Me

Korean Song                                      English Translation


당근                                                Of Course Song

보고싶니?                                      Do you miss me?