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With the popularity of BTS and K-dramas, there is no doubt how the number of people wanting to learn the Korean language are growing at a rapid rate. The Korean entertainment industry has been doing an excellent job capturing the interest of people of different age and races. It is with these Korean songs and K-dramas that people become hooked to them and wanting to know and learn them more by studying Hangeul. On the other hand, some want to secure a job in Korea or to pass the Korean Proficiency Exam. For some people, it is just one of their hobbies to learn a foreign language.

As the previous school year ended, I luckily got more hours to spend time in learning the Korean language. Gone are the days that the only way to learn a foreign language is by enrolling oneself in a formal class. YouTube serves as a practical and economical platform where anyone who wants to attain a certain language skill level in Korean can take advantage of. All that is needed is a good internet connection, a computer or even just a smartphone. In fact, there is a number of resources anyone can indulge in to learn the Korean language and it is not just solely the videos on You Tube.

Anyone can do a self-study to learn Hangeul. With the help of different mobile applications, I started to learn the Hangeul alphabet and later on I also learned some Korean phrases. But somehow, I felt that I wanted to be able to apply what I have been learning in Korean so I searched for Korean learning groups on my social media accounts. I never thought there would be many groups that offer free Korean lessons.

One of the Korean learning groups that I found was managed by two native Koreans more popularly known as Sir Henry and 어린왕자. They teach Koreans to foreigners via Zoom. The lessons are designed for beginners and intermediate level. The students can choose which of the two levels they want to attend to. They can also attend both levels if they have enough free time. The class is also broadcast in YouTube for students who cannot attend the lessons. Both teachers are entertaining so there has been no dull moments. With their help, we improve our skills in Korean. Everyday our teacher 어린왕자 will post stories for us to practice reading. The students are also encouraged to memorize many Korean words and practice those words during the Free Talking sessions.

Video Credits: KoreanClick by Youtube

Another Korean learning group that keeps me more motivated to study Korean is owned by Mr. Chiho Moon. He teaches Korean with the use of the stories he publishes on his You Tube channel. I find his group more challenging as he does not use English when he teaches the language. Unlike the previous Korean learning group, Mr. Chiho Moon gives more emphasis on listening and speaking skills. The platform we use in studying Korean are Zoom and Kakao Talk.

Video Credits: learn korean with 1min story via Youtube

Different Korean learning groups can also be found in Instagram. One of them is Teuida which was founded by Ji Woong Jang on 2018. They offer mini lessons in Korean through their Instagram Live and Discord application. The actuall class is done using Gather Town, a virtual space that works like a top-down video game. The medium of instruction that the teachers used is English. Beside the Korean language itself, they also add a bit of information about the Korean Culture.

Video Credits: Teuida by Youtube

I have been studying Korean for two years and studying it with other people who share the same interest as I am makes my Korean language learning journey more enjoyable. Joining Korean learning groups keep me more motivated as studying alone sometimes gives me frustrations. However, aside from my goal of reaching a certain conversational level in Korean, having teachers, friends, and classmates who share with my journey keeps me on having a healthy outlook on language learning.


Have you been learning a foreign language? What strategies do you use to improve more on your language learning journey?


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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

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