great advantages of learning languages

Great Advantages of Learning Languages

I started my appreciation in learning other languages since I was a kid and having a complete mastery in English has offered multiple benefits from personal to career growth.  It actually does, revolutionize my life by giving me an edge over the others who are hesitant to study languages. As I grow up, being knowledgeable in English makes it possible for me to know people from different parts of the world. This triggers my wanting to study and learn another language, which is Korean.


Learning a new language is like taking yourself into another world, another level. It serves as a ticket to be able to communicate with people who speak the language. When it comes to travelling to places with languages other than the one you are speaking, a knowledge of their own language is a plus. It gives you an edge to talk with locals in that particular place and so a travel experience become more meaningful. Remember, travelling and only seeing places is not as joyful and complete as having some locals who share with your travel journey.


People who can speak the language of others enrich their lives through interpersonal cultural exchanges and at the same time, experiences. Anyone who takes time to study the language of the locals where he will be travelling is a person who would like to have a deeper connection with others. As language is tied to culture, a person’s understanding of other cultures widens, and his perspectives toward others changes.


Another advantage of learning a foreign language is that it can help someone to stand out in a globally competitive society. The following are the careers that one can land on when someone is bilingual or multilingual.  A language lover who successfully passes an eligibility exam for the particular language can be a teacher, a trainer, or a coach of the language that he studied.  He may also be a translator who works with the documents in another language to be translated in either direction.  In fact, he can also be a writer using the foreign language and as a copywriter as well. It is also possible for a language lover to land a job as an interpreter.


Many studies have also proven that learning a foreign language improves memorization and multitasking abilities. As our body’s muscles become stronger doing exercises, so as our brain gets stronger every time we use it to read, to study, and to analyze the language we are learning.  It adds to our confidence making us smarter individuals as well. As a result, it adds to our happiness knowing that we just do not limit ourselves with our native language.


In fact, the more languages we can speak, the more lives we can live.  The more languages we learn, the more benefits we can reap.  Sometimes, our goal to learn a language takes longer than we expect, but it should not lead to frustrations. No matter how difficult, we should continue to strive forward, and some day we will realize that we have already achieved the skills that we were dreaming of. Nothing starts easy and so it is with language learning, but just come to think of it that if others become successful multilinguals, then why can’t we.


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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A simple Filipina who was born with a natural love for books and languages.

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