Book Review Heart in Two Places by Gemma Nemenzo

Review on Heart in Two Places- An Immigrant’s Journey by Gemma Nemenzo

Stories at their finest.  A solid compendium of the lives and routines of a skillful writer and  a deep thinker. Gemma Nemenzo has plethora of ideas which was generously shared in her book. A curator of intelligence, her pieces of advice are substantial. Through reading this insightful collections, I feel like I gained pivotal perspectives. Gemma Nemenzos “ Heart in Two Places” is a book about her treasured snippets about her life and her musings.

I’ve come to know and love Gemma’s bravery dealing with their family’s mishaps, tickling love stories of youngster years, struggles being an expat, painstaking and rewarding experiences of motherhood, treasured friendships, and extraordinary stories being an activist-journalist.

Perhaps the thing I love about Heart in Two Places was the part where Gemma is being vocal about her thoughts and feelings regarding her kids. It was like I was listening to the voice of my own mother. Reading her works make me feel I got a second mom from a book.

My favorite thing about Heart in Two Places was getting to explore the experience migrating in another country through Gemma’s eyes. As someone who has never been migrated, I have always been curious on the life of Filipinos who become an expat abroad.

I read Heart in Two Places because  it hooked me from its very title. I have always been longing to migrate or travel from one country to another ever since a child. In addition, as I read the whole book of Gemma Nemenzo, I feel that I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up any of her other books.

Truly, I admire Gemma Nemenzo for being able to crush her goals to write a book like this, and create a life that she loves even in the midst of never ending stream of responsibilities.

Do you have the same kind of book that left an inspiration to you? Do share it to the comment section below.

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