Book Review Heart in Two Places by Gemma Nemenzo

Review on Heart in Two Places- An Immigrant’s Journey by Gemma Nemenzo

Stories at their finest.  A solid compendium of the lives and routines of a skillful writer and  a deep thinker. Gemma Nemenzo has plethora of ideas which was generously shared in her book. A curator of intelligence, her pieces of advice are substantial. Through reading this insightful collections, I feel like I gained pivotal perspectives. Gemma Nemenzos “ Heart in Two Places” is a book about her treasured snippets about her life and her musings.

I’ve come to know and love Gemma’s bravery dealing with their family’s mishaps, tickling love stories of youngster years, struggles being an expat, painstaking and rewarding experiences of motherhood, treasured friendships, and extraordinary stories being an activist-journalist.

Perhaps the thing I love about Heart in Two Places was the part where Gemma is being vocal about her thoughts and feelings regarding her kids. It was like I was listening to the voice of my own mother. Reading her works make me feel I got a second mom from a book.

My favorite thing about Heart in Two Places was getting to explore the experience migrating in another country through Gemma’s eyes. As someone who has never been migrated, I have always been curious on the life of Filipinos who become an expat abroad.

I read Heart in Two Places because  it hooked me from its very title. I have always been longing to migrate or travel from one country to another ever since a child. In addition, as I read the whole book of Gemma Nemenzo, I feel that I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up any of her other books.

Truly, I admire Gemma Nemenzo for being able to crush her goals to write a book like this, and create a life that she loves even in the midst of never ending stream of responsibilities.

Do you have the same kind of book that left an inspiration to you? Do share it to the comment section below.

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A simple Filipina who was born with a natural love for books and languages.

21 Comments to Review on Heart in Two Places- An Immigrant’s Journey by Gemma Nemenzo

  1. Nilakshi says:

    This book sounds really good. I think I’m ready to go for a spiritual journey with this book. Thanks for writing an honest review. I will read the book and will let you know about my experience.

  2. Elicit Folio says:

    Thank you for the book recommendation! I feel that taking the risk to journey to a new country and start a new life is so brave! Adding this to my read list

  3. Anna says:

    it´s always interesting to follow someone’s journey towards a new life in a new place! I´d love to read the book! thanks for the inspiration!

  4. knycx journeying says:

    Thanks for the spiritual read and sharing. It sounds something that I would be interested in and I am putting it on my list – Knycx Journeying

  5. Katrina kroeplin says:

    This def sounds like a book I need to check out. Thanks for sharinf. I love reading new books.

  6. Stephen says:

    This looks like a heavy read, I’ll have to add it to my list and give it a read when I’m feeling up to it

  7. Melanie williams says:

    Ooo now I am always looking for a new read. Deffo will be adding this to my must read list for sure x

  8. Wendy Polisi says:

    I can relate to this. Having lived somewhere for many years and moving really tears your heart in two places. I love both.

  9. The Joyous Living says:

    This sounds like a book I should add to my “to read” list. I love the unique perspective of it coming from an immigrant.

  10. Kuntala Bhattacharya says:

    Seems a good book to read. Well yes I understand the feeling of a migrant as I was into it for many years. Hope to check out the book.

  11. Iamgeetha blog says:

    Now I got time to read this! will do.

  12. Marysa says:

    This sounds like a neat book. I haven’t heard of this one, but I have been looking for some good books to put on my list.

  13. littlemisadvencha says:

    this book is really deep. I think Im going to love this… Oh, this makes me miss reading so much! Thanks for this though.

  14. Valerie says:

    It’s always interesting to get a glimpse into someone else’s reality. I know I sometimes take for granted getting a head start in a place where many others immigrate to for a better future. There are many challenges that our ancestors faced in trying to assimilate while holding onto their own identities and culture. I can only imagine how hard it was for Gemma, as a young brown girl, having to fit into another culture and make new friends.

  15. Matt Taylor says:

    That sounds like a pretty good book! When I was younger I read books because I loved the escapism. I put myself in the hero’s shoes, and fought monsters and saved damsels in distress. haha

  16. Ann says:

    That seems like a book I could totally enjoy, I am gonna check if you local bookstore can order it for me.
    Thanks for the tip!

  17. Sayed Williams says:

    I also write review/analysis of books/movies/series. Good to see a fellow reviewer.

  18. Jessica Collazo says:

    I don’t have that kind of book but I know the feeling because I am a United States citizen but I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and United States territory. I moved to Texas and life is so different,people are so different everything is not what I am used to and you have your heart in your Island Even though you are having a good life in the states

  19. Kathy says:

    I’ve read a lot of books, but the one that had the most impact on me overall wast “The Joy of Cooking”. It inspired me to become a chef.

  20. Surekha says:

    I haven’t read a really good book in so long. I think this should be the next one on my list.

  21. Christine Weis says:

    I love to read and I often read what is recommended. I think I would really like this book. Thank you!