korean book review Korean grammar in use

KOREAN BOOK REVIEW: Korean Grammar In Use

For those learning the Korean language, looking for a textbook as a good reference on the Korean grammar should be one of the steps that should be considered.  A good grammar book is invaluable to any learners of the Korean language. Anyone can learn the vocabulary, words, or phrases but unless a person can put the sentences into the correct order, the language spoken might be a little unclear. Any sentences without the use of correct grammar will be ineffective and inefficient when it comes to the communication process.

As I mentioned from my previous blog post, there is another book, which I would love to share to the readers.  It is entitled “Korean Grammar In Use.” This was first published in 2010 and was written by Ahn Jean-Myung, Lee Kyung-ah, Han Hoo-young.  It is a thick and quite heavy book, which consists of 375 pages that contains all grammar points covered by TOPIK Levels 1 and 2.

Flipping through its pages, one can observed that  the contents are clear and organized. The topics covered in the book are presented in a concise manner and everything was completely covered.  The Grammar Structures for each section are posted on the top of the page.

korean book review korean grammar in use

I also love how illustrations are shown in the book. It makes learning the Korean language easier. It holds more appeal than having just a plain text on the entire page.

korean book review korean grammar in use

The colorful images and good grammar explanation really helped a lot in understanding the accurate meaning of sentences. The book also used high frequency words and pointed out how the word differ in spelling and pronunciation depending on whom the speaker is talking with.

korean book review korean grammar in use

Just like the other Active Korean 2 book that I mentioned on my blog post, the Korean Grammar in Use comes also with a CD.  It is a fact that the more senses we involve in learning, the better the learning outcome is. Learning a language based from just reading a textbook is not enough. Instead, in order to learn the Korean language, the learners should  be trained on listening how it is pronounced and enunciated by its native speakers.


The only drawback that I see in this book is that the contents of this book is not for absolute beginners in the Korean language. Aside from that, everything was perfect. This will be a definitely valuable resource on my entire journey in learning the Korean language.  I highly recommend this book for those are who are pursuing to apply for TOPIK or even for those who just love to learn the language.

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