Korean Language 한국어

Weaving the Connections Between Culture and Language
The ability of humans to think rationally and to use language to communicate are the factors that made them stand
Technology and its Various Roles in Education
  Gone are the days when attaining a formal education just meant that a student must stay within the four walls of a classroom
teacher educational leadership philosophy
In 2013, the Philippine government implemented a change that created controversies from different spectrums in the country. The K to
Philippines Actions on Education for All
There’s so much we can learn from our life journeys. Having chosen a career as a teacher, it has opened
k to 12 curriculum and its implementation issues
Change. This has been described as the only thing that is constant in this world. In all aspects of our
leadership and management what is the difference
“Management is doing things right, leadership is doing the right things” - Warren Bennis and Peter Drucker This is the year
Book Review Heart in Two Places by Gemma Nemenzo
Stories at their finest.  A solid compendium of the lives and routines of a skillful writer and  a deep thinker.
My formal teaching experience in a secondary school started after I successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). From
Summary and Review The Aged Mother Japanese folktale
The fear of Shinano’s despotic ruler of anything related to weak or failing health opened the hatch of abandonment to
May Monthly Goals Report
I came up with four (4)  goals set for May but different things got in the way and those goals

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