Learnings and Goals to Kick Start 2019

I wanted to make a few minutes to thank you for supporting, following, and reading the blog posts that I wrote for this year. I also wanted to send you my wish for you and your family a prosperous New Year!

Well, this is it! The last blog post for 2018.. It’s been another amazing year with smooth and sometimes bumpy roads. I intent my 2019 to be successful, happy, and peaceful.

Today, I want to share with you a sneak peek of some of my 2018 highlights that made this a year to remember. I made 11 list of things I wanted to achieve by 2018 and its feel great to look at those list once more to discover which of those I accomplished and which were still under construction.

I am sending now a big “Thank you!” to the universe for everything that happened this year that we are going to leave soon few hours from now.

Here are my high lights for 2018.
1. I am already a Senior High School Teacher.
I planned to shift from being a Junior High School teacher to Senior High School. I love the students in Grade 7, but I felt that I need to move on to the higher level to apply what I learned from my Masters Degree. Although it was quite daunting and stressful, I am proud to tell that I did it and I thank God for all those qualities He endowed me with to surpass the challenges.

2. Chosen to be the Most Outstanding Teacher
Whoa! I did not expect it and this award given to me was truly a big, big surprise. It was truly overwhelming and if only I knew I could bring my mom with me, I would. That was the first time I was given an award for being an outstanding teacher of the year since I started my teaching career.

Learnings and Goals to Kick Start 2019

A groupie picture during the Awarding of the Most Outstanding Teacher.

3. Passing the comprehensive exam and now doing my dissertation.

The year 2018 tested me on those things I couldn’t imagine that I could surpass. There were moments I felt like giving up. It was like I wasn’t existing and I suddenly lost my direction. It was a difficult year when friends are rare to find and somehow you felt betrayed and abandoned. No matter how painful and miserable it was, I learned that sometimes all I can trust is myself.

4. Got an approved application from Google Adsense for my blog and published more than 12 blog post in a year.
It just took me 2 days to get the approval of the Google Adsense company and I was totally elated. By this time, I already earned $73.60 from my Google Adsense account and it really lift my spirits whenever I see my earnings being accumulated. I was surprised to learn that I only mentioned to post 12 articles in my blog for 2018 but when I counted how many did I publish, it was 29 and this post is the 30th with 280 page views per day.

5. I become stronger.
With all those blows and challenges from  my career, study, and love life — all I can say is that 2018 made me a stronger person than the previous year. Liters of tears fell upon my cheeks but it was a necessity for me I guess to be bolder and wiser because  as the cliché goes “Calm seas do not make skillful sailors,” and here I am now can tell that I have learned a lot from this year.

Perhaps, this quotation will sum up all those gems I got after I was scratched hard from life’s adversities:

“Maybe this isn’t our time yet. I let fate decide. If we we’re meant to be, we’ll be together. May be not now. Maybe not yet. “ – unknown
“Calm seas never made a good sailor.” Theodore D. Roosevelt
“Hard times will always reveal true friends.” – unknown
“Strive for progress and not perfection.” – unknown

It takes a lot of courage to get off the ground, to be back to my strong self, after all. We cannot achieve our goals if we are still holding on our old life. It is now time to move on and enjoy the present to have a wonderful future.

To kick off 2019 and it is just around the corner, excitement is now brewing on my body and here are my list to achieve for the coming year.
1. Finish my dissertation.
2. Finish 27 units from my Masters Degree in English ( I am a cross-enrollee).
3. Save money and plan a trip with my mom after my graduation.
4. Publish 24 blog post for 2019.
5. Earn extra-money online through my blog and add it to my mom’s and I travel fund.

There’s no better feelings than achieving goals. It creates more self-esteem, fulfilment and pride. Cheers to a healthier, happier, and wiser 2019!

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

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