March Monthly Goals Report

March Monthly Goals Report

What’s up?

March has come and go again, and we are now at the start of another month. March has been a month full of school, learning, and productivity for me.  I am proud to say that I accomplished most of my goals that I listed on my February Monthly Goals Report and those blog post I made for the month of March were the following:

Educational Philosophies of Great Heroes in the History of the Philippines

Sing a Korean Song with Me

Learn Korean Vocabulary About Places

How to Remove and Customize Footer Credit in WordPress

8 Essential Considerations before you Apply for Google Adsense

Furthermore, I already acquired 36 units at the end of March, and of course I will not stop on that number. When it comes to developing my skills in English, I just kept on reading and writing down new vocabulary words that I encountered, listed their meanings and practiced it in a conversation.

The 30 Day Fitness Challenge was something I intended to stop because of my health issue. Based on my x-ray result, I was diagnosed of having a mild dextroscoliosis. With that, I need to be careful with every activities that I do and types of exercise that I choose. I’ve worried that instead of improving my health, it would give some disadvantages on my spine. I decided that I would abandon it for the time being and would consult a doctor first on what exercise would be safe for my spine.

There was another thing which I did not listed in my goals for March but I did accomplish out of the blue. Hear me out!

 It happened that I did not get a good experience with, an advertisement program that pays  bloggers by a number of impressions and clicks on the advertisements displayed on their blogs.  It took me by surprised to learn that from around $70 earnings I achieved from 2016 to 2017, it fell drastically to $8. I had the biggest WHY that time. did not even inform me of any new changes or policies about earnings so I felt cheated. As a result, I deleted their codes in my WordPress Dashboard and that was the time that they sent me a message. They did not give me an exact and clear explanation regarding my earnings so I decided to quit.

My friend who witnessed how frustrated I was that day suggested me to apply for Google Adsense. After deleting all my affiliation links and making sure that my blog looks professional and user friendly already, I applied last March 20 for Google Adsense and it was approved after 2 days.

So, that’s all for the month of March.

Here are my goals for the month of April:

  •  Submit all my job reports and program on time.
  • Finish two (2) courses on Coursera.Org. It is an educational site where someone can learn for free and I plan to finish First Step Korea and Learn to Speak Korean I which are both sponsored by Yonsei University.
  • Enroll in another 9 units for my Doctoral Degree, thus, finished 45 units after my summer class.
  • Write one to two blog posts per week.
  • Arrive on a title for my dissertation.

I want to make this month better than the previous month and I will work hard to achieve all my goals.

As always I want to give my heartfelt thanks for stopping by and showing your support for this space of mine in the internet.

What are your goals for this month? Feel free to comment below.

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

Ana Rose was born and raised in the Philippines. A full-time teacher and a part-time student. She loves her simple and yet adventurous life. Roads and Pages serves as her outlet to share what she loves to do the most in her life. Those are spending time with people who matter the most, reading books, and traveling one country at a time.

2 Comments to March Monthly Goals Report

  1. Swayam says:

    Ana, my goal for April is to write one blog post every day. Thanks to you, now I know about I have been on Adsense and my experience with this Google tool is not great.

    • Ana Rose Alvaro says:

      Thank you Swayam! One blog post per day is not doable for me as I have my full-time offline job. I do not recommend as I did not have a good experience from there. How is your Google Adsense experience?

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