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Free and Active Learning Groups to Learn Korean

With the popularity of BTS and K-dramas, there is no doubt how the number of people wanting to learn the Korean language are growing at a rapid rate. The Korean entertainment industry has been doing an excellent job capturing the interest of people of different age and races. It is with these Korean songs and … Read More

korean book review Korean grammar in use

KOREAN BOOK REVIEW: Korean Grammar In Use

For those learning the Korean language, looking for a textbook as a good reference on the Korean grammar should be one of the steps that should be considered.  A good grammar book is invaluable to any learners of the Korean language. Anyone can learn the vocabulary, words, or phrases but unless a person can put … Read More

Korean Book Review: Active Korean 2 by Two Ponds

Korean Book Review: ‘Active Korean 2’ by Two Ponds

Learning Korean is a tough journey but once you obtain good materials, the journey in learning the language becomes light. I received two books from my Korean friend which are the ‘Korean Grammar in Use’ and ‘Beginning and Active Korean 2’. I will discuss the first book on my other blog post. Choosing which book to open and … Read More