Type in Korean with your Android Phone of Computer in Easy and Simple Ways

Type in Korean with Your Android Phone or Computer in Easy Ways

Knowing how how to type in Korean is an edge for you to learn more in this language. If you want to learn in a faster way, you should avoid romanization in typing Korean words, phrases, or sentences.

Type in Korean with your Android Phone

There are many apps available in Google Playstore that will let you type in Hangeul but I recommend the Go Keyboard among them all. Here are the steps  in installing Go Keyboard in your Android Phone.

First, go to Google Play Store and search for Go Keyboard.

Next, install and activate Go Keyboard.

Then, enable the Go Keyboard.

Lastly, proceed to  language settings on your keypad and choose Hangeul on the languages option to start typing in Korean.

Typing in Korean using your Laptop or Desktop (for Windows 10)

First, go to the Window Start button and click the Setting ( which is represented by a gear icon) on the left side. It will open the Window Setting Dialog Box.

Second, on the Window Setting Dialog Box, click Time and Language.

Third, on the left panel, select language.

Fourth, click the + sign beside the Add a preferred language. It will show you different languages to choose. You may scroll to find the Hangeul or Korean Language or you may simply type Korean Language on the search bar.

Fifth, the Install Language Feature will appear. Uncheck the Install Language Pack, Text to Speech and Handwriting are those features are not that necessary. The required features that need to be installed are the Basic Typing and Optical Character Recognition which are by default are obligatory to be installed.

Finally, click Install. On your taskbar, beside your time and date, you will see the ENG, Click it and  you will see the Korean Microsoft IME. Click the Korean Microsoft IME to start typing in Korean.

To help you more in practicing your typing skills in Korean, you may do a Korean keyboard sticker.  If you don’t have enough time creating your own Korean sticker, you may also purchase it on online shops like Shopee or Lazada. That way, you will be able to memorize the place of the Korean characters on your keyboard.

Attaining Typing Skills in Korean using Dino Typing Website

It will be cool if you can also type Korean words, sentences, or phrase without looking at your keyboard. To help you with this, you may also visit the Dino Typing Website.  It is a great website to help you memorize the placement of Korean characters. That will be done perfectly because as you type the Korean words, it will show which finger should you use in typing. Practicing consistently will help you become better in chatting with your native Korean friends.

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Author : Ana Rose Alvaro

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